I am a blogger and started blogging almost a year ago for #MyLeicester – a business a friend and I started. However, this style of blog was quite difficult for me to comprehend and understand as we had to reference and keep a formal style of writing throughout. I have found writing the blogs to be quite enjoyable even though we had to do a lot of extensive research.

I have looked at a number of blogs that my colleagues have also created for this module. I’d like to shed some light on Faith’s blog – I really like her style of writing and the way she communicates and delivers her content. Her blog has been presented really well. it is very clear to see her images and thought process of the blog. The content also flows really nicely and she has a great use of imagery that corresponds well with what she has written.

I would like to carry on my blog as I think it is a very good way of developing an online portfolio but I also think communication between an individual and their audience is really important. As I am already a blogger I would like to continue to develop my blog with more information on artists and designers who influence my work. I’d also like to discuss different techniques and processes that I use regularly. I understand the importance of referencing and would like my blog to be a source for other students, designers, artists, writers etc. when they are looking for reliable information. One of the main barriers when writing these blogs was finding information that was referenced and sourced correctly so that I could use it as a good reference in my own work.

I have enjoyed writing these blog posts and I hope you have enjoyed reading them!

Word Count: 304


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